Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Making Music Out of Garbage

There is a village in Paraguay that is built on top of a landfill. The people there work digging through the garbage and selling what can be used again. Sometimes they make things themselves from things they find in the dump.
Some documentary filmmakers have completed a project that highlights the fruits of this "up cycling" -- the Landfill Harmonic.
Villagers make violins, cellos, flutes and all sorts of other instruments using oil drums, forks and whatever else they can find. The teaser for the film shows children proudly displaying and playing their instruments, both alone and in groups. There could hardly be a more potent example of the power of making music. It is a gift that should never be taken for granted. It gives our humanity a chance to peek out and be seen.
Consider supporting this film project by sharing the video -- and make a little music of your own!

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