Friday, February 1, 2013

In Memorium

The same day Rep. Gabrielle Giffords testified before a Senate committee on gun violence, a disgruntled client opened fire in a Phoenix law office during a mediation session, killing an attorney and another client.
The lawyer was Mark Hummels, a husband, father of two and lawyer still in the early years of his career.
He was also a former journalist. Mark got his master's in journalism from U.C. Berkeley at the same time I did. I remember him as one of the sunniest, warmest people in our class -- which included some of the loveliest people I'll ever know.
After j-school Mark moved with his girlfriend Dana to New Mexico and got a job reporting for the Albuquerque Journal and later for the Santa Fe New Mexican. He got frustrated with journalism and quit, entered law school and was hired by a firm in Phoenix, Osborn Maledon, where he died Wednesday.
The shooter was unhappy about the outcome of a mediation session and shot Mark and the other client at the session's conclusion.
Mark is survived by Dana and their two children.

If any of us need any more reminders to hold the ones we love close, here's one more.
I for one feel that gun violence has hit a little too close to home for me to just sit back and read the papers.

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